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About Me

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

My name is Ryan Bacote, I’m a recent graduate from Alderson Broaddus University with a major in Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology. My academic career isn’t the only thing I’ve excelled at over the past years. In addition, I played football from little league (Reisterstown Mustangs) to high school football (Franklin High School) to College (Lackawanna College/Alderson Broaddus University). My goal is to provide affordable training sessions for young athletes that are pursuing football after high school. I’m not only here to help youth becoming better athletes but better individuals as well. My main focus is to train with Defensive Backs (Cornerback, Nickel, Free Safety, and Strong Safety) and Special Teams players (Gunner, Kickoff, Punt Return).

I’ve been training at Defensive Back for approximately 12 years. I know how to play Defensive Back and I can be the one to help your child or player get to the next level. College can get expensive and obtaining an athletic scholarship is even more difficult to get without proper position coaching. Now, I’m able to provide the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years to pass it onto the next athlete so they’ll be able to obtain scholarship/dominate on the field. There are no promises to get your child or player to the next level after high school but I am willing to help every youth that have dreams of playing college football. With valuable information that will increase their chances, knowledge from previous experience and uplifting environment there’s no reason clients won’t be able to succeed on the field.


Highlight Tapes: 

Alderson Broaddus University

Lackawanna College

Franklin High School


"Trust the Process"

Benefits of Athletic Scholarships:

  • Less financial trouble for family

  • Athletes are able to focus on their grades

  • Retains focus for upcoming college athletes because they have something to risk

  • Athletes are able to focus on becoming better athletes/individuals



What I can offer?: Affordable Training Sessions (ages 11+)

Starting price: $40 per session per person

Training Location: Baltimore Region

** Depending on Location, willing to travel for training sessions 

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Skill-Based Approach

Individual/Group | Defensive Back/Hybrid Linebacker Training | That Makes a Difference!


High School 


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Baltimore, MD, USA


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